Affordable Website – Bend Oregon

Affordable Website – Bend Oregon

People everywhere are looking for an affordable website, Bend Oregon is certainly no exception! Fortunately, we’ve got you covered! Over the past 5 years, MechaDigital has developed a method to bring you a great website on an even better budget. Our streamlined method produces sites quickly and painlessly to get you live without all the heartache.

What We Didn’t Do:

  • Invent web design
  • Create our own platform
  • Drink all the IPA
  • Abandon customer service

What We Did Do:

  • Many web project for small business clients
  • Figure out a way to inexpensively make a custom-looking site
  • Continue giving our clients top-tier service and friendship
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Our approach to web design not only gets you a great looking site, but also does so faster and for less. How is this possible?  The answer is our completely agile process.

Traditional web design follows a very linear path of fully wireframing the site for layout, fully designing the site for visual styling, and then coding the site so that it can finally load in the browser. While this approach can yield great results, it is time consuming and expensive. Frustratingly, the first time clients actually get to interact with their site is during final testing. It is at this point that new ideas often emerge, causing either dissatisfaction, or additional time and budget setbacks.

We Know a Shortcut

MechaDigital’s approach to Bend web design completely breaks this old paradigm. Design, development, and layout are combined into an initial, single short sprint. This allows you the client to interact with their site early on in the project. It also allows us the opportunity to work collaboratively together, making refinements directly to the end product. Months are saved, along with thousands of dollars.

But What About Service?

Sure, that all sounds great, but what about the service?  Glad you asked! As a senior team with years of corporate and agency experience, we know how to treat our clients right. In fact, we love our clients. This isn’t just sales talk either, these are our core values… Being reliable and honest, deliverable tremendous value, all while getting shit done.

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