Businesses looking for a Bend web design company can often find themselves in between a rock and a hard place. There is a gap in the market… on one end you will find high-end full service agencies who will develop a great custom website, but at a considerable expense. On the other end there are do-it-yourself tools, but those results tend to be generic and unrepresentative of the brand.

MechaDigital understands this gap because revel in it. We bring full service expertise down to an affordable level. With a solution like ours, there is no need to pick between the two extremes because we bring together the best of both worlds.


We do this by making smart choices… leaving out what you don’t need, and emphasizing what you do.

What you don’t need:

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  • A custom developed web frameworkA great deal of time and expense can be saved by not building the basic layout and functionality from scratch – why reinvent the wheel? We work from fully vetted platforms to provide you with up the latest web standards, freeing time and budget to focus on personalization.
  • Costly subscription servicesMany one-size-fits all solutions lure you with a small set up fee. Lurking in the rears however, are the sizable long term costs of a standard monthly charge. This is completely unnecessary! We give you a platform that works fair price with no hidden costs!

What you do need:

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  • A StrategyThere’s no sense in building something if you don’t know who it’s for or why they’re going to use it. Self-service platforms generally skip this step completely, while full service agencies charge thousands. Our “Just Right” approach fits right in between, giving you what you need without the hefty price.
  • Someone who understands your brand and nicheOur expertise is in learning who you are and then meticulously expressing that identity throughout your platform. Design, messaging, and content strategy all revolve around this identity to provide an end result that shows exactly who you are.[/custom_list]

But wait, there’s more…

Best of all, our web design services are integrated with our marketing and strategy expertise, giving your business a comprehensive web presence.

Contact us today and find out how we can help you with a free no-risk consultation.

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