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We design & build great websites in Montpelier Vermont

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We make customer satisfaction our number one priority. Our website services in Montpelier provide you with a top-tier site delivered with unsurpassed service. We provide Montpelier and the surrounding areas with website design, support, hosting and SEO services that are specific to each of our customers’ needs. You can count on us to provide you with the service you expect at a price that you can afford.

Your company works hard to stand out from the competition. So should your website.

Great website design helps attract visitors, validates your business, and inspires people to engage with you. It is inviting, easy to use, and leaves visitors wanting more. MechaDigital provides small businesses with agency-level service and expertise, building you an effective digital presence.

What sets us apart

We have a passion for creating, and feel very fortunate to do it for a living. We love working together with businesses of all sizes, across various industries, providing solutions that help them stand out from the competition. 

What we love about Montpelier

We here at MechaDigital love the beautiful capital city of Vermont, nestled sweetly in the Green Mountain foothills. It’s got a fantastic community of people which is impressively diverse – and that diversity makes for a very affirming balance of ideologies, economic classes, ages, and lifestyles. Still, running through all of that, is a common thread of hardiness that comes with being a Vermonter – making the most of winter, enduring mud season, and taking full advantage of summer while the weather is good. Add on top of that a great array of restaurants, and charming downtown, and some really top notch trails right in town, and it makes for an enticing blend of culture, adventure, and history.

We're proud to work with national brands
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And we're passionate about local business too
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Other Services

We do this because we love it

Website Design

Web design is MechaDigital’s core business. Our process is collaborative and iterative because for your site to be great, it needs to reflect you. At the same time, our experience will lead the way so that you know you have partnered with an expert who will take you where you want to go. 

Website Hosting

Your site should be available, fast, and secure. We provide enterprise level web hosting at small business rates. MechaDigital uses state-of-the-art cloud hosted Virtual Private Servers that are far superior to the typical shared hosting.


The best website in the world is of no use without visitors. Our experience in optimizing sites will ensure you get ranked for the terms that matter. We are experts in keyword research, on-site optimization, local search listings, and the link building strategies necessary to get to page 1 and stay there, even in competitive niches.

Website support & Repair

Websites are a critical part of your business operations, and the reality is the underlying code of your site is constantly evolving, and at different rates. This natural process means that bugs can arise from conflicts, and these bugs can lead to headaches ranging from breakages, all the way up to full outages.

About Us

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Jason Koblin

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Founder, Designer, Project Lead

“I’m the primary consultant and mastermind. My expertise in design, development, and client services spans the small business, corporate, and agency sides of the table, providing perspective on the full spectrum of the project cycle.”

Using a Virtual Agency approach, MechaDigital is comprised of a trusted team team of writers, designers, developers, and photographers. Together we provide a complete array of services for any project’s needs, but delivered to you on an as-needed basis providing extended capabilities without the overhead costs.

We Believe in...

Providing outstanding value

Being trustworthy and reliable

Getting shit done


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