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Website design is MechaDigital’s core business. We have a passion for creating and for helping business achieve their goals, and designing great sites is foundational to that goal. A great website is one of the most critical tools your business can have, and we can help you get there. 

Our process is collaborative and iterative because for your site to be great, it needs to reflect you.

Striking the right balance between leadership and collaboration is the key and our experience will lead the way. The project will begins with brand, your ideas, and your goals. Throughout the project checkpoints are built into the schedule to allow for your input so that the finished product is reflective of your input. 

Why Website Design Matters

Your website is often your first impression for potential clients, so make it count. A modern, easy-to-use site creates a welcoming experience that is professional, and inspires visitors to engage.

Now more than ever, design is a part of our daily lives and consumers are well aware of what works and what doesn’t. Not only that, but as attention spans become shorter, great design and well positioned messaging is essential to making the moment count – that instant when a prospective customer first meets your business. 

A great website design is also one of the most vital components to your brand. Most people who come in contact with your business begin by landing on your website and your website’s design sets the tone for the rest of their interactions with you. Having a consistent look and feel that ties back to the rest of your touchpoints creates a image of professionalism that instill confidence in the eyes of the consumer. 

Form meets Function

Great website design results in a great user experience.

Visitors want to be able to quickly understand what services you provide and any other relevant buying information. Clear and concise messaging, an attractive and easy-to-read layout, and intuitive navigation all ensure that visitors can quickly find what they’re looking for rather than moving on to your competitors.

Color choices should extend naturally from your brand’s colors, and work to direct users attention to key elements on the page. These key elements should convey necessary information or intuitively indicate a key interaction.

Also critical is the use typography to create a harmonious flow between content and design while providing vital information at a glance rather than challenging visitors to focus in and carefully read dense copy.

Finally imagery, icons, and design elements should be used in manner that doesn’t distract from the overall design, but adds to the understanding you want visitors to get from your site. These elements should feel consistent and cohesive with one another, and with your brand as a whole.

Conversion based website design

More than just a pretty face to your business, your site has a really important job – to bring in new business. Conversion based website design is the concept of making your visitor’s critical first impression count by providing a clear understanding of what you do, validation that you are great at it, and a clear call to action so they are compelled to take the next step. 

website design

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We are experts in a wide range of the current development and ecommerce platforms, including:

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