Website Development & Hosting – Bend, Oregon

Your company relies on its website as a vital business tool. You need a website developer who you can count on. Like anything else, your website requires care and feeding. From maintenance, to support, to hosting, needs periodically arise and when they do, have a comfort and peace of mind to know that help is just a phone call away.

Web Development Options

There are a variety of platforms on the market, all of which can yield a great site. Picking the right one can seem daunting, but really comes down to a matter of personal preference. Consider factors such as website design flexibility, developer support, and ease of use for making content updates. With over 20 years of experience in web and IT, MechaDigital is familiar with all of the major platforms and offer a full range of web development services.

Platforms Supported:

  • WordPress – we are specialists
  • Squarespace
  • Shopify for ecommerce websites – Shopify certified partner
  • Custom PHP
  • Webflow

Very often your website is your business first impression for potential clients, so make that count. Today great design is more a part of our everyday lives than ever before, and people know it when they see it. A modern, professional business website gives the right impression, creating a welcoming experience that draws people in, and makes them feel inspired to engage.

Web Development Services

MechaDigital offers a variety of web development services, all with the goal of providing our clients with the best produce, best service, and best value possible.

Full Website Development

Our primary focus is producing full websites for our clients from the ground up. We follow all modern-day web development best practices and build our sites with a focus on fast performance, stability, and maintainability.

Website Maintenance

Whether it is a site we developed or BYOW (bring your own website), we love getting under the hood and improving sites. The launch of a site is like your first day in a new home. Ideally you will live, use, love, and upgrade your site over time. And we are here to help. We offer ad hoc maintenance support, or can customize maintenance plan that suits your needs. Either way, our maintenance services are offered with the same level of fast, reliable, professional help and support. Don’t let you site fall behind, we can help!

Website Hosting

Website hosting goes hand in hand with design and development – once that masterpiece is done, you want to share it with the world. MechaDigital uses state of the art Virtual Private Servers so your site is sharing an IP address and server space with who-knows-what. Available features include managed updates & security, automatic daily backups, SSD drives, uptime monitoring, included SSL license, and reporting.


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