Is your site down? Or just not working right?

Websites are a critical part of your business operations, and the reality is that they require care and feeding to perform optimally. The underlying code of your site is constantly evolving, and at different rates. This natural process means that bugs can arise from conflicts, and these bugs can lead to headaches ranging from aspects of a site not working properly, all the way up to full outages.

We specialize in “rescue missions” in which we can come in and solve difficult problems. These engagements are tricky, and many developers shy away from them, but MechaDigital is ready to embrace that challenge and build a new relationship along the way.

Some common types of outages:

Ecommerce issues

Few things are more frustrating than not being able to operate your online store. Ecommerce sites tend to have a particularly complicated array of plug-ins and coexisting software. This makes conflicts and bugs that much more likely. We can help sort out the “pile of spaghetti” and get you back in business.

Site slow

Website pages should be fast to load, and when they’re not, visitors will very quickly abandon your site. Likewise, the admin area of your site should be quick to load, but when it isn’t a quick edit can turn into a huge time-suck, pulling you away from what you do best. We can help troubleshoot the root cause of these issues and get your site working properly again.

White Page of Death

Many website outages are accompanied by a clear-cut error message or outcome. That however is not always the case, and when the dreaded White Page of Death rears its ugly head, site owners often have no clear direction to go in. Let us come in and solve this mystery and get you back on your feet.

Malware Removal

It is a common misconception that hackers find your site to be a worthwhile target based on subject matter. The reality is hackers are constantly scanning the web for vulnerable sites so that they can inject malicious code which will utilize the victim site to do their bidding, for example sending SPAM. We can help exorcise these demons and send them back to the fiery pits of despair from whence they came. 

Not just breakages, we can also make edits

Website edits

For those times when you