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Website support is essential to keeping your site performing optimally. So if your site is important to your business, then keeping it running at its best really matters. 

The underlying code of your site is constantly evolving, and at different rates. This natural process means that bugs can arise from conflicts, and these bugs can lead to headaches ranging from aspects of a site not working properly, all the way up to full outages.

We also specialize in “rescue missions” in which we can come in and solve difficult problems. These engagements are tricky, and many developers shy away from them, but MechaDigital is ready to embrace that challenge and build a new relationship along the way.


Regular upkeep makes all the difference

Website Maintenance

Regular website maintenance increases performance, stability and security. Most problems can be avoided by staying on top of the never-ending cycle of updates. And yet, amazingly, less than 1/3 of all wordpress installations are updated to the latest version. And that doesn’t even include plugins and themes, which have updates available far more frequently.

While “doing the updates” might sound easy enough, there are pitfalls to website maintenance, so knowledge and experience can go a long way to avoiding costly mistakes. Do updates too often and you increase your risk of a bad update causing issues. Conversely, not doing them often enough is a recipe for disaster.

Because we maintain many dozens of sites, we have a very good idea to be on the look for, what needs immediate attention, and what can or should wait.

Sometimes things break

Website Support

In a perfect world, your site never has any problems. But that isn’t always the case, and when it happens it helps to have a knowledgeable, experienced partner who can step in and get things back the way they should be. The best part is our Website Support services are available on short notice.

Some common types of outages:

Ecommerce issues

Few things are more frustrating than not being able to operate your online store. Ecommerce sites tend to have a particularly complicated array of plug-ins and coexisting software. This makes conflicts and bugs that much more likely. We can help sort out the “pile of spaghetti” and get you back in business.

Site slow

Website pages should be fast to load, and when they’re not, visitors will very quickly abandon your site. Likewise, the admin area of your site should be quick to load, but when it isn’t a quick edit can turn into a huge time-suck, pulling you away from what you do best. We can help troubleshoot the root cause of these issues and get your site working properly again.

White Page of Death

Many website outages are accompanied by a clear-cut error message or outcome. That however is not always the case, and when the dreaded White Page of Death rears its ugly head, site owners often have no clear direction to go in. Let us come in and solve this mystery and get you back on your feet.

Malware Removal

It is a common misconception that hackers only target high-profile websites and small business sites can sneak by under their radar. The reality is hackers are constantly scanning the web for vulnerable sites, and they are checking yours. When they find an easy target, they inject malicious code which will utilize the victim site to further spread SPAM and malware across the web.

The first step we can help you with is hardening your site so you aren’t one of those easy targets. But should you fall victim, we can help exorcise these demons and send them back to the fiery pits of despair from whence they came. 

Critical Errors

Critical errors are one of the most common maladies with WordPress sites. Most of the time this is due to an errant plugin. We know how to get in, identify the culprit, and find a solution, whether it is an update or a replacement.


Not just breakages, we can also make edits

Website edits

Keeping your site up-to-date with fresh content is essential. It ensures clients are seeing latest and best representation of our business and its services. Not only that, but search engines also favor sites whose content is staying current over old, stale sites.

We believe in empowering our clients to manage their own sites, however we also know that very often your time is best spent running your business. In those cases, you can leave it to MechaDigital to keep your site current. Our Website Support services are there when you need them, big job or small, to give you site some fresh new material (which is great for SEO too!)

Add cool new features

New Integrations

As your business grows, so too do your needs, and often technology can fill those gaps. Today’s marketplace is filled with myriad tech solutions to automate and streamline your processes and workflow. Our website support services are here to help. 

MechaDigital can be your technology partner, with our helping you navigate the confusing landscape of tools and integrations. Whether it’s the first step to turning your site from brochureware to a business tool, or in helping you get to the next level – we can help.  

Common integrations:

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