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Why Does Search Engine Optimization matter?

“We just want to come up first when people search...”

- Every client ever

The best website in the world is of no use without visitors. And search is one of the very best ways to find new visitors. And not just any visitors, but ones who have already shown intent to engage with a business in your category. In fact, it is estimated that SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate.

Our experience in optimizing sites will ensure you get ranked for the terms that matter. We are experts in on-site optimization and local search listings  – key tools that will boost your ranking and get more potential customers finding you in search results. 

Finding a reliable SEO provider can be difficult. Many experts in the field focus on the academic side of SEO, yet lack familiarity with the real world tactics necessary to get small and medium sized businesses ranked. Others providers resort to questionable “black hat” methods that put you at risk of being penalized by the search engines.

Our SEO services reside in the “goldilocks zone” between these two extremes and deliver real results.

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Key Components of a Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Keyword Research

SEO begins with understanding what your potential customers are searching for when looking for businesses like yours. This can be done first with some basic assumption, and then is complimented by a competitive analysis. Once the targeted keywords are identified, we can deploy the appropriate tactics for your SEO campaign.

Content Development

With our keywords in hand, ideally content is crafted around those keywords. Gone are the days for simply stuffing keywords into a box and calling it good – the search engines figured out long ago that this was an easy way to cheat the system and banned that approach. Once the pages are created around your targeted keywords, we employ various steps to ensure your site is organized and structured in a way most favorable to ingestion by the search engines.

On-site Optimization

On-site (or on-page) optimization is the true bread-and-butter for search engine optimization. It refers the craft, the art, the science of formatting the pages of your site in the best way possible to ensure the search engine can successfully ingest your content, and recognize it as a quality result for the targeted keyword. This category is where the most gains can be found, and includes many factors both obvious (use of keyword), and myriad not-so-obvious factors (internal linking, good use of alt text, a well written meta description, site speed, just to name a few!)

Link Building

Search engines use links to your site to evaluate the quality of your site’s information on a given subject, know as “authority.” Despite ever changing search algorithms, a large portion of SEO remains based upon the links you obtain to your website. We will provide recommended strategies that effectively build the high-quality links that search engines use to validate your site as an authority.

Local Search

Local search is critical to strong rankings. Most search with the goal of transacting happens with local intent. This means the better your business ranks in your geographic area, the more likely you are to receive qualified leads. Our know-how will put you on the map, literally.

Validate, Measure, Track

Because SEO is a competitive landscape, a successful campaign is not a set-and-forget endeavor. Rather, once these steps are underway, a winning strategy includes the tracking of keyword performance, and adjustments to the campaign over time. Additionally, fresh content is also critical to maintaining performance in the rankings over time. We can help guide you along the way to help ensure lasting rankings.

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